We are a Christian church in the Reformed tradition.  Historically, our beliefs are summarized in: 

  1. the historic Christian creeds that unite us with Christians around the world and throughout history
    1. the Apostles Creed (4th century) - the simplest summary of the Bible’s teaching
    2. the Nicene Creed (325, 381, 451, and 589) - contains more information on how Jesus is truly the Son of God
    3. the Athanasian Creed (5th or 6th century) - a more detailed summary including teaching on the Trinity and on how Jesus is both truly God and truly human
  2. the four confessional statements of the Reformed Church in America.  These documents go into far more detail than the creeds and outline the highlights of the Reformed tradition
    1. the Belgic Confession (1561) - a detailed summary of the theological teachings of the Bible
    2. the Heidelberg Catechism (1563) - organizes Christian teaching into questions and answers under the categories of Sin, Salvation, and Service, with an emphasis on the personal comfort we receive from Christ
    3. the Canons of Dort (1618-1619) - an in-depth study of God’s grace
    4. the Belhar Confession (1982) - a necessary document outlining Christ’s call for the Church to pursue unity and racial justice


These creeds and confessions can be found here.