About First Church

175 years is a long time, but that's how long we've been telling the story of Jesus in South Holland, Illinois.  From farmers and bankers, to single-parent moms and laid off linesmen, we've all come from different walks of life and tell different stories.  For some of us, we came to First Reformed Church as infants and can trace our roots back to the mid 1800s.  For others, we came to be a part of a community where black and white and young and old and rich and not so rich can enact a slice of heaven together.  And still for others, we came to hear the story of the risen Jesus sung and prayed and preached.

badge1.pngThe chapter of the story we're writing today is one of revival.  We're writing a story that brings the richest hymns of our heritage alongside the robust soul of contemporary worship songs.  We're writing a story where the setting has been and will continue to be 15924 South Park Avenue in our beautifully diverse community of South Holland.  And we're writing this story convinced that our best days are not in our rearview mirror, but lie just ahead.

And what underlines our story is the grace of Christ.

What We Believe

At First Reformed Church we are rooted in the strong heritage of the Reformed faith. We recognize that Christ desires for His church to live in unity, not division, and so our core beliefs are most succinctly summed up in the words of the historic Apostles' Creed.  

We are also a part of a larger church family called the Reformed Church in America. This association of churches is the oldest protestant denomination in the country. For more information about this network, its heritage, and its beliefs, click here.

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