The Voice - The Blame Game

Throughout the Bible there is a voice whispering to us. It’s familiar voice. A voice that knew us when we were yet in our mother’s womb. A voice that speaks to us in those innermost quiet places of our hearts and minds. A voice that is loving and stern all at the same time. Join us on Sunday morning at 9:30am as we listen for the voice of God in the Garden of Eden.

The Gospel - Fairy Tale

Once upon a time. Once upon a time there was a little girl named Goldy-locks and the three bears. Once upon a time there was another little girl named Little Red Robin Hood and there was a big bad wolf with a big set of lungs. Once upon a time there two brothers, Peter and Edmund, and two sisters, Lucie and Susan, and a white witch and a lion named Aslan. Once upon a time. This is how all good stories begin, don’t they? Join us on Sunday morning outside in the front lawn at 9:30am to hear the Gospel as fairy tale!

The Gospel - Comedy

They say laughter is the best medicine. It’s also interesting how tears of pain and tears from laughter can often times be so closely linked. So it is with the Gospel. The Gospel as a tragedy. The Gospel as a comedy. When you stop and think about it so much of the Gospel is comedy, humor and even silliness. Join us on Sunday morning at 9:30am when together we hear a humorous story that reveals to us the upside down nature of the Kingdom of Heaven.

The Gospel - Tragedy

Perhaps there is no more powerful feeling than abandonment. In some ways, it’s the feeling of the Son and the Father. The reality that for a moment, the Father actually abandoned the Son. That’s what Jesus cries out on the cross - "My God, my God, why have you forsaken me?" Why have you abandoned me? Why have you left me alone? Join us on Sunday morning at 9:30am as we explore the Gospel as Tragedy.

The Gospel - Silence

The truth of the Gospel, my friends, begins in silence as Jesus stands before Pilate. You remember the awkward scene as Jesus dodges questions from Pilate leaving Pilate confused and irritated. He is Truth. Can you just picture Jesus standing there? A man who knows that a horrifically painful torture and death await him stands there as the Truth. The Truth in silent flesh. The Truth in compassion and patience. The Truth in steadfast love and mercy. My friends, Jesus is the Truth! Join us on Sunday morning at 9:30am as we begin a new sermon series on "The Gospel."