What Happens Next? - A Showdown In Antioch

What’s next for the spread of the Gospel within the early church? How did roots of faithfulness grow within the early church’s life? To answer that question we turn our attention to arguably the most influential person outside of Jesus in the entire New Testament - Saul, turned Paul. Once Saul comes through the waters of baptism emerging as Paul, perhaps no other apostle burns as hot for the Gospel as Paul. And as a result, Paul is constantly finding himself in the middle of conflicts with the Gospel at the center. In Antioch, Paul now comes toe to toe with perhaps his most unlikely of opponents, the Apostle Peter himself! Join us on Sunday morning at 9:30am as we check out a Showdown in Antioch!

What Happens Next? - Some Things Never Change

Think with me....how many times have the structures of our churches thrown buckets of cold water on passion for the Lord within individuals' hearts? Let’s be honest. Think of all the reasons why some people have left the church or at the very minimum have been bent out of shape by the church or stirred up gossip or dissension within the church. Sad, but true. And what if I told you that some things never change? Join us on Sunday morning at 9:30am as we look to the earliest church to see how they dealt with problems yet above all kept their focus on the Kingdom of God.

What Happens Next? - How To Lead Someone To Jesus

Have you ever been used by the Holy Spirit to lead someone to Jesus? When you stop and think about it, outside of you being led to Jesus, is there any other question of greater importance? What a holy and humbling feeling if you have answered 'yes' to that question. And if you had a hard time being able to answer that question, then perhaps we should consider how we’re spending our time, our words, our worries and our treasure. Could anything be more important? Join us on Sunday morning at 9:30am as we learn from Philip who led an unlikely individual to Jesus.

What Happens Next? - Problems & Persecution

Some things never change. Problems in the church. Whether it be the distribution of food to the mission budget to what color the carpeting should be to the pastor’s preaching to what songs we sing (or don’t sing) people in the church have fought about it. I guess in some ways, it’s at least a little comforting to know that there has always, always, always been problems in the church. Join us on Sunday morning at 9:30am as we explore the problems and persecutions of the earliest Church.

What Happens Next? - Jesus Incognito

What happens next? It’s a great question when you stop and think about it, especially for us coming out of what happened last Sunday. An empty tomb. A curtain torn. A hallelujah chorus. A packed sanctuary. A highlight of the year. A foundation of the Christian faith. So, what happens next? And the answer is – nothing is the same. Ever. Join us on Sunday morning at 9:30am as we meet Jesus "incognito"!