Mind's Attention & Heart's Affection: Dying & Living In Christ

Historically, Christianity is lambasted for being too easy, too wishy-washy, too gracious. Hang out with the prostitute and tax collector? Too gracious! Forgive the woman with five husbands? Too gracious! Have dinner with the person who would turn you in to the cops? Way too gracious! Join us on Sunday morning at 9:30am to experience the gracious power of dying and living in Christ.

Mind's Attention & Heart's Affection: God's Economy of Grace

We would do just about anything under the sun for a loved one, but for the person we don’t like or get along with, we would prefer our lives not cross paths. Sometimes not coming down on them with our words, actions and attitudes is about all the love and sacrifice we can muster up. There’s a line in the book of Romans that is so radical, so irresponsible, so counter-cultural that I have a hunch if we took it seriously, we’d have a hard time wrapping our minds around it. Join us on Sunday morning to explore this radical understanding of grace.

Mind's Attention & Heart's Affection: The Righteous Judge

People in the ancient world lived in a paradigm where their righteousness and holiness would earn God’s love and favor. They saw black and white, right and wrong, in and out. Their strict and pure lifestyle and adherence to the letter of the law is what the Lord took delight in, or so they thought. Join us on Sunday morning when this paradigm of judgment squares off with the loving kindness of God's grace.