The Weight Of Waiting - With You Before With You

Our God is with us. In a lot of ways that statement is at the heartbeat of the Advent season. His name - Emmanuel - means “God is with us.” Our God needed to become one of us. And for Mary, God was her before He was with her. And when God is with us we have the uncanny ability to endure the weight of waiting. All of her fears, questions, concerns, feelings, sleepless nights...she is able to endure them all and just a few verses later rejoice not because of what she did, but because God is with her before He is with her. Join us on Sunday morning at 9:30am as we revel in the comfort that our God is with us.

Sent Ones - Just One Step

If you’re like me, it’s really easy it come here, be encouraged, sing, pray, hear the Gospel, experience the fellowship and then go on to Sunday afternoons, Monday mornings and kids and work and meetings and practice and all of it. My friends, we cannot be faithful to Bible or to the call of Christ on our lives unless we take seriously the radical claim of discipleship to which Jesus calls us. Throughout His earthly life Jesus was telling people to do seemingly incomprehensible things. Leave your money and seek forgiveness?! Take up your cross and follow me?! Love your enemies and pray for those who persecute you?! His divine words ring in our hearts and minds this morning. And they begin with just one step.

Sent Ones - A Difficult Pill To Swallow

Throughout the Scriptures, people are often times sent to speak a difficult word. From prophets to disciples and everyone in between, people are sent to speak words that will be met with radical resistance. Not sent to a foreign country and perhaps not even sent out to speak a word of evangelism. But there are times when we are sent into familiar situations with familiar people to speak the truth and speak it in love knowing that the words we are going to speak will not be received well. Join us on Sunday morning at 9:30am as we are sent to speak a difficult pill to swallow.