An Emotional Journey: Failure Isn't An Option, It's An Inevitability

"Failure. I feel like a failure. My life is a failure. I’m a loser." Folks who struggle to get by, pay their health insurance premiums, keep up with their mortgage and hopefully have enough left over to give to the Lord. Folks who look at others here this morning and truly believe that others have these wonderful lives full of happiness and blessings and joy and everything is wonderful all the time. Folks who have been caught in the abyss of addiction and feel guilt, despair and above all, shame. Folks who feel as if they’ve done it right in life, have always done the right thing and keep getting passed over and over by everyone else. Join us on Sunday morning at 9:30am as we look to how one disciples deals with the inevitability of failure.

An Emotional Journey: Shing!

Anger is interesting feeling or emotion. Some would suggest that anger is really more of a result of some underlying feeling or emotion such as fear which results in outward expressions of anger. In either case, anger is something that has debilitating results in our lives. We know of folks, perhaps we are those folks, who struggle with anger issues. Join us on Sunday morning at 9:30am as we see how one disciple handled his anger in the garden.

An Emotional Journey: The Antidote To Anxiety

Life is super stressful, isn’t it? Kids and work and appointments and emails and deadlines and cancers and relationships and bills and I could go on, but you get my point, they all are really, really stressful. So how can we cope with those things? How can we deal with them? How can we handle the stress of life? What’s interesting is that right smack dab in the middle of one of the most stressful situations imaginable, Jesus does something to perhaps stifle his anxiety. He prays. Jesus prays. Long, passionate, heartfelt prayers. Join us on Sunday morning at 9:30am as we listen to Jesus' high priestly prayer as an antidote to anxiety.

An Emotional Journey: Wake Up!

I grew up on a Sunday liturgy of worship - food - nap - food - worship - food - bed. After a day full of church and food it was nearly impossible not to pass out during the evening service sermon. I wonder if the disciples felt the same way? They too ate a big meal and were given one small task - stay awake and be near Jesus during his hour of greatest need. Join us on Sunday morning at 9:30am as we are called to "wake up"!

An Emotional Journey: Conviction & Confession

Lent is a time of repentance and renewal. One way we can focus on themes of repentance and renewal is to consider the emotional texture of what is going on in our hearts and minds throughout this season. Lent, perhaps more than any other season, draws upon our human emotion. Feelings we don’t always feel. Images and Scriptures of agony, betrayal, anger, confusion all come to the forefront. Join us on Sunday morning at 9:30am as we both confess and are convicted.